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when a uniform works

September 25, 2009



A while back Eastside Queenie posted about searching for a new look.  I’ve definitely had moments when I think everything I own is lame-o and tired. And when I look to my little hipster college town’s streets for inspiration I’m typically horrified.  It’s either Ugg boots and Juicy Couture sweatpants that are SO 1990s or ill-fitting thrifted concoctions that leads me to believe that the college youth no longer desires to be picked up at the local watering hole (saying ‘watering hole’ and chastising the kids’ choices probably just means I’m OLD).  Anyway, the Sartorialist had this simple and lovely image on his site today. It’s kind of like a uniform. But with the sexy high heels and the green bag. . . WOW! This is a look I would like to adopt. 

So, what’s YOUR uniform for this fall?


on strudel

September 3, 2009

Picture 1

 Remodelista has a post today dedicated to screened-in porches. They’re all so lovely and calm. I chose the above image to share because of the twin beds and my strong desire for a nap. I think fall invokes in us a need for quiet and nestiness.  I know that I have grumbled  A LOT about the turtle-like pace of home building. But, now, as the temperatures drop I seem to be better able to daydream about what my house is actually going to look like and feel like.  I can see myself in my kitchen cooking up big bubbling pots of this and that (in my daydream I seem to have an entire set of copper cookware instead of my mishmash of hand-me-downs).  Autumn now seems like the perfect time to move.

Tonight I think I will REALLY get a sense of what my house will look like. Last evening my floors were delivered and today they begin laying them.  I’m about ready to jump out of my skin I want to see them so bad! 

Hopefully I will have images of the floors to share tonight. If not, it’s only because I need to pack. I’m off to Switzerland tomorrow. And then to Germany. I am screaming inside with anticipation. And joy.

i’m getting a hankering for fall

August 19, 2009



And when it arrives I hope to be ready for it with a firepit like this.  I can imagine sitting back, sipping wine, feeling cozy in a thick sweater and saying ‘So long!’ to the mosquitoes. 

Why does having a full-time job ALWAYS get in the way of the reveries that I have?


November 11, 2008


When the weather is grey, cold, and drizzly all I want to do is hide in the kitchen or cuddle down on my sheepskins in front of my fireplace. This image from Toast makes me want to abandon my job, buy a little farmhouse, and bake savories for my friends and family. It’s strange considering that I’m really rather terrified of baking. I’m a little less frightened of just scooting around the kitchen and cooking whatever happens to be in the fridge, on the countertops, and in the pantry. Last evening I had three of my girlfriends over for dinner. It wasn’t impromptu, but it wasn’t necessarily well-orchestrated, either. On Sunday I roasted the last, OK, almost the last of my tomatoes (I’m holding on to them for dear life) and then roasted every fall veg that I had picked up at the farmer’s market: turnips, carrots, potatoes, and onions. All were roasted very, very slowly. When I got home on Monday from work I threw the tomatoes and roasted vegetables back in the oven to heat through. Pulled together a quick salad of arugula, pea shoots, chinese spinach and lettuce from Hoyland Farm. I built a fire and threw out a snack of Wheatfield’s rosemary and olive oil bread, goat cheese, yam and habanero jelly, and the roasted tomatoes. The combination of the sweet and spicy yam jelly, tart goat cheese, and smokey tomatoes was an unexpected delight. They complimented each other so well that I would have been perfectly content ending dinner there with just a little salad and red wine. That being said, dinner did not end there. I grilled two fresh italian sausages on my cast iron and brought out the roasted vegetables. One of my guests had brought some homemade cheese and the last of her fresh tomatoes. A full helping of autumn and a little dash of last-minute summer. It’s all peasant food. Most of it was procured from the market. Some from my garden and a friend’s. None of it complicated or fussy. 

I wonder if I really did quit my job and abandon my semi-city life (listen, my town barely has a population of 100K) would I enjoy those moments in the kitchen as much as I do now? The answer would be a resounding YES if I was cooking for the three lovely ladies who sat by the fire telling hilarious stories of winnebagos, a single Michael Jackson glove, and being stranded in Needles eating a Cup O’ Noodles in a broken down Chanuck.

Thought for Food

October 23, 2008

It’s only Wednesday, but my mind is on Saturday’s Farmer’s Market here in Lawrence. The stalls are fewer now. But what is there is beautiful and represents seasonal transition at its best. Tomatoes so ripe that it’s best just to throw them in the oven and slowly, slowly roast them. To be put onto thick slices of baguette or tossed with warm pasta. The winter squashes are everywhere and load down my bicycle’s baskets. And then there is the bright green of this chinese spinach. Last night I roasted an acorn squash with some poblano peppers. I pureed them with some vegetable broth and added them to a polenta that I had cooked while they roasted. So perfect on its own, but made sublime when I pan-fried the chinese spinach with some olive oil and thinly sliced garlic and placed it atop the polenta. The end of summer and the beginning of fall in one dish. Nature does this effortlessly. Why do we humans struggle so hard?

Goodbye, Indian Summer

October 22, 2008

Goodbye, gladiator sandals.

Welcome to Fall

October 16, 2008

Hello Friends. The weather has turned cool and blustery. Pumpkins, soups, and fires are on my mind right now. A welcome distraction from all things political.

I saw this pumpkin stand on the side of the Montauk Highway last year when I was scouting locations for work. This is pretty much the only season that I get inspired to decorate. I loved how Hallmark Magazine created a fantastical and evocative scene with a variety of pumpkins. Below is an example from the current issue. These pumpkins were styled by Betsy Gantt and photographed by Scott Gibbons for Hallmark Magazine.

As of yet I have not been quite so ambitious.