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April 15, 2011

One Tord Boontje garland wrapped around a CFL, plus

one Jiffy Professional Greenhouse Tomato Starter, equals:

Some sad and sorry looking tomato, kale and leek seedlings. I’m an embarrassment. A professional grow operation I am not.  I’ll take some photos this weekend of my sexy little seedlings and post so that you can have an opportunity to snicker at them.


spring snow & 40 years

April 1, 2010

This snowy shot (very Robert Frost) was taken on the FIRST DAY OF SPRING from my back porch. Way to be lame, Spring!

And this photo was taken at my friend Tina’s surprise birthday party. I’m sad to say that we must have spent an hour in front of that mirror trying to take cool, experiment-y shots. Our hats (as well as all the hats at the party) were made out of white felt, on a whim, by our friend Kylie. Happy Birthday, Tina!


March 17, 2010

I think, no, I know, that an electric citrus juicer would make my life sunnier.

those eyes

February 3, 2010

What I find utterly wonderful about this man found here is that I can very easily imagine sitting down with him to share a dinner of oysters and champagne. Or, squirrel and moonshine.

The desire to dine with this gentleman is not as strong as the one above, but I like this portrait, too, found here. I suppose, though, that the obvious choice of nibbley would be chocolate.

The beards may seem like the common denominator of why I pulled these two photos together, but, truly, it’s the intensity of the eyes.  Tell me, when you look at a portrait do you envision dinners or conversations or something else entirely? The lighting? The setting?  I’m interested in knowing your thoughts.

a breathy, ‘oh’

January 20, 2010

Oh, those ladies at Sunday Suppers make me swoon.

now what?

December 1, 2009

The house is built. It’s kind of up-and-running. Most things are put away (though I can’t find my salad spinner or crockpot and have a feeling they are lonely on Maine). The house does not yet feel like a home, but loved ones keep reassuring me that this takes time. I cannot push one button. So I’ve decided that I need a new goal. Something to keep me focused and assist me in making this house a home. A creative outlet. . . .

And I believe this outlet will take shape in the form of crescent.  I am going to learn how to make croissants. Buttery. Flakey. Warm.  Amen.

how i spent my summer vacation

July 21, 2009


Melvin and his muddin’ truck.

freight train

Freight Train.

Redneck Granny & Tick

Redneck Granny, Little Jane (our photographer), & Tick.

I went to East Dublin, Georgia for a photoshoot. East Dublin was throwing its 13th Annual (I think, I never saw a sign with confirmation) Summer Redneck Games. I first went with trepidation. Then changed course and went as a cultural relativist. I was there to observe and not to judge. I was there to capture authenticity. I was there to learn that teeth are not just great for chomping on corn, fried okra, and whathaveyou, but to add structure to your face. Friends: brush your teeth!


I had a farm in Africa”


cedar siding

Atlantic White Cedar Siding + Steve

cedar siding + hardie panels

Another view.


These windows are equal parts: massage, ocean breeze, soft sweater. My fears and anxieties melt when I look towards them and see the dappled light fall to the floor.

south view

My untamed view to the backyard.  I like how wild it looks right now. So lush and green. All Africa. All East Dublin, Georgia. All my own.

I have a home in NoLaw”.

a tale of two tomatoes

May 13, 2009

Forgive me for I have no photos. That’s not entirely true, but I would rather be relaxing right now after a very long last week and a week of recovery this week. Work can really take it out of a girl. But, let it be clear, this girl is happy for the work she does have!

On Sunday I planted three tomato plants at my I-Live-Here-Right-Now House. I imagine I will still be here when the first fruits get all plumpy and happy and ready for just-from-the-vine devouring.

This evening I planted two tomato plants at my Dear-God-Will-I-Ever-Live-in-this-Beautiful-Nightmare-that-is-my-Future-Home? House. Optimism is the only way to go forward. I heard that at work. I will bring that sentiment home(s). So, I plan to eat tomatoes in two locales this year. I will segue like a FADE TO BLACK from Old West Lawrence to NoLaw. And don’t worry, I already have my outfit planned.

for me this day is molasses. for my house it’s trucker speed

March 6, 2009






The post below has images taken just yesterday. The images above were taken today. How is this even possible? Wasn’t there a time when I lamented day after day after day about the snail-like progress of home building? My soon-to-be neighbor took these photos this morning and emailed them to me. O, I’m so sad not to be over there today. Watching as every nail goes in. But I am very grateful for these pictures. And jealous of their amazing quality. I’ve asked my neighbor to build me an outdoor pizza oven. I hope he remembers. If not, I hope he reads this and gets out his drawing board and pencils! I promise, Scott, you will be well-fed!

wide butt? only if it’s cuban. wide plank? yes, please.

February 3, 2009


Miami Beach. There and back in a matter of 5 days. Weather in Kansas: 73 degrees. Weather in Miami: 73 degrees.  Don’t toy with me, God. Here’s what Miami has to offer on any given day: Cuban coffees (O, heaven); Cuban sandwiches (O, my); Cuban women with curvy backsides (hey, I’m not afraid to appreciate the fairer sex!).

Time to think about the house, again.

wide plank

I’m hoping to have a date, I mean, meeting, with these folks on Friday. I’ve seen some of their amazing work first-hand while shooting on location in the Kansas City- area, but I hear their space is absolutely SPECTACULAR. Now that concrete floors are officially out I’m thinking that I want some W I D E  plank floors from reclaimed barn siding. Yum. I have a sneaky, stinky feeling that their prices may make me gasp, but it’s still worth a visit.

I stopped by my lot yesterday and saw my fully poured basement! I never knew a cement cube could look so sexy. Today they are to do some more digging and on Friday they will finish pouring the foundation (I feel as if I’ve said ALL OF THAT BEFORE!) I watched the sun set last eve while standing next to the basement. It was all lavenders and pinks and made me so excited to think about the eventuality of staring out my kitchen window, scrubbing veggies from my garden, and watching the western skies. These images keep me grounded.