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spring snow & 40 years

April 1, 2010

This snowy shot (very Robert Frost) was taken on the FIRST DAY OF SPRING from my back porch. Way to be lame, Spring!

And this photo was taken at my friend Tina’s surprise birthday party. I’m sad to say that we must have spent an hour in front of that mirror trying to take cool, experiment-y shots. Our hats (as well as all the hats at the party) were made out of white felt, on a whim, by our friend Kylie. Happy Birthday, Tina!


with the Internet, your pals are always around the corner

January 21, 2010

I’ve spent a good part of this week brainstorming concepts for Christmas 2010. That’s a tough task when I’d rather be thinking about sandals, gardening, and all- around outdoor loafing. So often, when this happens, I seek solace and inspiration from my friend A.J.’s blog. It’s full of literary goodness and cocktailian spirituality. A very good source for inspiration, indeed! And today I was not disappointed. In fact, I’ve giggled quite a bit with the above video filled with ol’ timey friends and a great sounding recipe. Cheers!

a little magic

November 9, 2009


Friends, I’m in! I didn’t get to move in on Halloween as I had anticipated (rain, driveway delays, by-the-books inspector!), but I did manage to spend my first night there on the full moon. A good omen, I hope! It’s truly been a whirlwind. I haven’t yet spent more than 3 consecutive hours there while awake and that has been a big ol’ drag. But if I’ve learned anything from this experience it’s patience.  I also got to celebrate my 35th birthday surrounded by my friends and family and a 4 ft. long party sub. I really know how to quickly class up a place, but listen, when you have a craving for the Kitchen Sink sub sandwich from a place in your hometown that you thought surely must have gone out of business by now and then your BFF and your boyfriend secretly arrange for it to travel a distance of some 80 + miles on a bed of ice. . . whoosh!!!!! It’s likely to take the wind out of you and make you smile so big that you get a weird aching sensation at the base of your head. And then to top it off your wee niece individually gift wraps large marshmallows and faux limes………well, I don’t think I really need to say more. EXCEPT, I do promise to get images of the house to you all soon. Once I plug in my computer and Internet service and find my camera.  I mean, last week I wore the same outfit three times! Also, I’m currently using butcher paper as my window treatment in my bathroom. Again, I sure do know how to class up a place.

I want to send out a special ‘Thank You BIG TIME’ to Melly, Erich, Annie & wee ones, and all my friends for my birthday celebration.

And another HUGE THANK YOU to the best homebuilder in the World: Matt Mozier of Hickory Ridge Construction!

the hero

April 29, 2009

middle earth

My friend Mellie likes to say that the harbinger of spring is when our friend Dave S. debuts his short shorts. I like to think that it is when the mysterious morel makes its first appearance. Though one can usually guarantee a sighting of Dave and his legs one does not always have the same fortune with the morel.  This year I am lucky. Except . . . I haven’t yet seen Dave so does this mean we are in a holding pattern??


I bought this peony bush last May at a peony festival near Kansas City. I was ready to plant some literal roots on my new land even though we had not yet broken ground and were still far from a design that I was happy with. The same day I bought him I rode my bicycle over to my land in the late evening, sun gone, with the peony and a hand shovel in my basket. I tried as best I could to gauge where the property line was, where I thought there might be lots of tractors and digging machines, and where I thought this little guy might just make it.

The land has since been mowed over, tromped over, stomped on,  and neglected.  All year I’ve thought about that peony. I thought that maybe I was a bit selfish to buy something only to soon kill it. But this weekend when standing up on my veranda I looked out upon the tall grasses and saw something of a slightly different hue than the techno-color green. I knew immediately that my little friend had survived.  He’s my hero. A big pink pom-pom Super Star.

So as not to be lonely, my Hero was given two friends by two friends of mine: I planted them last evening. On the last sunny day of the week before more thunder showers take over.


The lighting on this photo reminds me of PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK, one of my all-time favorite films. I’m not wont to put my photo out here, but I really do like the sun flare on the top edge of the photograph. I also like that I could be in some field or meadow or be my mother 30 years ago. And I also like my friend who took the photo.

let me count the ways

March 30, 2009

Saturday. An icestorm.

Sunday. Sunshine.

Monday. Warm. Thunderstorm. Fierce thunder.

Could I love Kansas anymore right now?

Jim Seaver

After 10 years of listening, regularly, to Opera is My Hobby I had the immense honor of spending an evening with Dr. Jim Seaver and his lovely wife, Virginia. My friend Aaron made this happen. So he and his lovely wife Kendra and I spent a spectacular and surreal evening listening to opera records on old timey record machines. To hear someone’s velvety voice IN PERSON after so many years of hearing it broadcast on the airwaves. . . well, this lady gushed. And gushed. And gushed.

I have to hold tight to that evening. It beats this evening spent at the local Sears looking for slide-in gas ranges. Which they only had two of on the floor. The rest, I was assured, could be found online. All right, then. But I want to turn the knobs. Lift the grates. Is this what Internet porn is like? Gross.

spherical nation

February 5, 2009


Are you all tiring of seeing my fireplace mantel? I’m sorry that I shoot it so often. I could show you photos of all of my hard, uncomfortable wooden or wire furniture, but my friends already hate having to sit on it, so why bother? But what I DO want to show you are these fun honeycomb tissue balls. I’m kind of obsessed with them right now. You only see two in this photo, but in reality I have 9 floating around.  And I’ve ordered another 20. In varying sizes (all white). But all bigger than the ones you see now. Three, in fact, are 19 inches round! I live in a shoebox, so I’m not sure how this will ultimately play out. . .


This book is what inspired the purchases. I think. I kind of have a thing for spheres. Pods. Crusty old bocce balls. But dainty tissue paper balls? O, the delight! I have friends coming to town in a month and I plan to have them all out and about as the ultimate “Welcome!”

celebration in the form of a ball

January 21, 2009


The best way to distract yourself from the stresses of building a house and the fear of losing your job is to cast a vote for a man you admire and then throw a ball on the day he is inaugurated. Or, have your friends throw a ball so that you can hop out of your vanpool, throw on a dress, and line your eyes heavily with make-up.


It’s nice if your friends dress up, too. Being surrounded by dapper folks is always pleasant.


If you can swing it be sure that there is warm lighting, Turkish gentlemen, bowties, and knockout ladies.

long dreams, 2008.

December 31, 2008

img_0798-2Last evening I went over to my friend Mel’s  house for Cocktail Hour. I think it’s an attempt at grown-up-ness for my friends and myself. We can tipple, yes, but only in the early evening and with snacks from the 1970s. This was only the third Cocktail Hour, and only my second as I was deep in the throes of heartache during one of them, but I’ve noticed that Cocktail Hour seems to extend by one, two, or many, many more hours. Maybe we are not as grown-up as we think? Maybe when my house is built?

Kendra and Aaron and their little dog Osa came to pick me up for Mel’s party. When I hopped into the car Osa jumped onto my lap and showered me with kisses and then, in her excitement, peed on my thigh and my velvet scarf. And here’s the thing: I DIDN’T CARE AT ALL! This leads me to wonder — in 2009 will I start wearing sweat pants and eating beans directly out of the can; or, will I not cry over spilt milk?

Tonight, I think, I’m going to NOT TIPPLE AT ALL. I want to say good-bye, proper-like, to 2008. Like a scene in an old movie. A long embrace with lips barely touching. I want to welcome 2009 with a clear head and clear eyes. Happy New Year to all of you, friends. May 2009 be filled with adventures, surprises, hopes, joys, love and a home to call one’s own. XO

first things first

December 18, 2008

Am I to believe that I’m the only one who has suffered heartache? Or is it that I really have so few readers that expecting some good how-to-wallow-in-misery ideas is rather futile? Well, as I DID fix my computer by myself I decided that I could also find my own way in this bath of despair. I turned, almost instantly, to my friend A.J.’s blog and have decided to make this. Today is my friend Kylie’s birthday and there is a little gathering at her and Dusty’s home this evening. As much as I want to continue taking baths at 7:00 PM and going to bed at 8:01 PM, I have decided that a little merriment in the honor of a close friend is due. So, I will bring along a frozen beverage and an earnest desire to celebrate. That being said, I will also think upon this quote that my friend Sorcha sent to me today:

And even in our sleep,

pain which cannot forget

falls drop by drop upon the heart,

and in our own despite,

against our will,

comes wisdom to us

by the awful grace of God.

Agamemnon – Aeschylus

stock in kleenex? buy buy buy

December 10, 2008

vintage ornaments

I’m hunched over the keyboard right now. Surrounded by wads of gross tissues. I have my first cold of the season and I really hope it is the last. I guess it’s never a good time to be down-and-out, but tonight I am supposed to have cocktails and snackies over at Kendra and Aaron’s house. Along with a few close other friends. Looking at how they decorated their house. I WOULD HAVE FINALLY GOTTEN INTO THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT, DAMN IT! Now my hair looks like raw wool recently shorn from a sheep. My nose the color of Rudolphs. And tomorrow I am to board a plane to be served up a minivaction of meatballs and heartache. I hope the  meatballs are good.