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dot dot dot

June 2, 2010

Dottie. Oh, how I love thee.

Ginger beer. A surprising summer elixir.

The boyfriend. Only tells me he’s not a fan of heights after he put the 15 ft. extension ladder ON TOP of my dining room table.


on raised beds & butlers & why I don’t feel like a badass

May 19, 2010

A large part of why I picked the plot of land I picked to plunk down ‘roots’ was because of the fine, fine, river bottom soil.  I have some not-so-secret dreams of growing lots and lots of vegetables and even more flowers.  Currently I only have three peonies producing no blooms (not even buds, my friends!) and two tomato plants that I now have to just yank up from the ground and give them a proper burial in the compost heap.  Last evening I discovered that the excessive amounts of rainfall finally did my little guys in. There is a slight slope to my site and they have been swimming in puddles of rain water.  On the drive back to my boyfriend’s farmhouse I got real quiet and sulky. The reason: my sad tomato plants. I’ve gardened for many years, now. Mainly guerilla gardening in small little swathes here and there where I would squish in as much as the space could possibly handle. Why now, with this dreamy soil and oodles of (for me) space, can I not get even a simple heirloom tomato to stay put and throw out some roots? I tried to snuff out my tears as my boyfriend and I walked up to his door. Right beside the screened-in porch sits a striking tomato plant as fat and vibrant as a two year old toddler. Even though I planted him and have been giving him lots of love I was resentful that this healthy specimen was at the ‘country’ house and not the ‘city’ house. And that there was only one plant and not rows and rows of them. As I climbed the 100 + year stairway to the bathroom with my ‘overnight’ bag I got sulkier. My boyfriend and I say ‘country’ house and ‘city’ house in an effort to make living between our two respective houses seem exciting and fun. Not stressful and rushed.  I sulked because the idea of two houses seems romantic and decadent.  Very Gwenyth Paltrow and Madonna (who can afford two sets of hair products and makeup so as to make the overnight bag obsolete). The truth is, though, that there are two houses that need laundry folded, dishes washed, and floors swept. And a dog and a cat who are equal members of our family, but reside one each in the ‘country’ house and the ‘city’ house. And they both need and want lots of snuggles and playtime. So what did I do? I went to bed reading an article on raised garden beds and then dreamt about butlers in tuxedos.

the selby

March 23, 2010

This came in the mail today and I’m a little giddy with anticipation.

now what?

December 1, 2009

The house is built. It’s kind of up-and-running. Most things are put away (though I can’t find my salad spinner or crockpot and have a feeling they are lonely on Maine). The house does not yet feel like a home, but loved ones keep reassuring me that this takes time. I cannot push one button. So I’ve decided that I need a new goal. Something to keep me focused and assist me in making this house a home. A creative outlet. . . .

And I believe this outlet will take shape in the form of crescent.  I am going to learn how to make croissants. Buttery. Flakey. Warm.  Amen.

am i here?

November 10, 2009


I feel like a stranger in my own home. I went to the grocery store last evening after work and then drove home (at least I didn’t drive to the wrong house) and then stared at the grocery sacks because I didn’t know where to put their contents. And then I heated up some spaghetti sauce that my sister had made and I didn’t know where to eat it. Yes, at a table and a chair, but. . . it just felt weird. I felt exposed in my house without window treatments. Were the neighbors looking in at the lady with the cat eating a bowl of spaghetti by herself?

I’m currently obsessed with iammav where the above image (and the one from the previous post) originates.

a little magic

November 9, 2009


Friends, I’m in! I didn’t get to move in on Halloween as I had anticipated (rain, driveway delays, by-the-books inspector!), but I did manage to spend my first night there on the full moon. A good omen, I hope! It’s truly been a whirlwind. I haven’t yet spent more than 3 consecutive hours there while awake and that has been a big ol’ drag. But if I’ve learned anything from this experience it’s patience.  I also got to celebrate my 35th birthday surrounded by my friends and family and a 4 ft. long party sub. I really know how to quickly class up a place, but listen, when you have a craving for the Kitchen Sink sub sandwich from a place in your hometown that you thought surely must have gone out of business by now and then your BFF and your boyfriend secretly arrange for it to travel a distance of some 80 + miles on a bed of ice. . . whoosh!!!!! It’s likely to take the wind out of you and make you smile so big that you get a weird aching sensation at the base of your head. And then to top it off your wee niece individually gift wraps large marshmallows and faux limes………well, I don’t think I really need to say more. EXCEPT, I do promise to get images of the house to you all soon. Once I plug in my computer and Internet service and find my camera.  I mean, last week I wore the same outfit three times! Also, I’m currently using butcher paper as my window treatment in my bathroom. Again, I sure do know how to class up a place.

I want to send out a special ‘Thank You BIG TIME’ to Melly, Erich, Annie & wee ones, and all my friends for my birthday celebration.

And another HUGE THANK YOU to the best homebuilder in the World: Matt Mozier of Hickory Ridge Construction!


October 27, 2009

Strange that my first night sleeping at my new home will be on Halloween. Strange that I will be sleeping at my new home. I’m sorry that I haven’t posted any pictures of the progress. I’ve just been up to my eyeballs in the finishing details both big and small.  I’ve also been working on a project at work that has been both inspiring and time-consuming. But I’m not complaining. Projects that inspire and work days that disappear make me a pretty happy camper.

buster brown & dog

The wood for my front and back porch came from an old Buster Brown factory that made the boots for our soldiers in World War I.

That dog scares the hell out of me.

still perched

October 8, 2009



Pretty things for the head. Red lipstick. Maybe that’s all a lady needs .  

The house is truly coming along. My mom came for a visit in which we had hoped she would help me to unpack and put my things into tidy little places, but, alas, I am still not living there. It was fun, though, to show someone the space who has not seen it once except for the few and random shots that I place here on the blog.  The best part, though, was watching my nieces do pirouettes across my wooden floors. Where I see headaches and decisions yet unmade, they saw dance floors and secret rooms to play detective in. What a delight to watch their imaginations go wild!


September 28, 2009


Thinking about new looks here and here is such a delightful distraction from the bathroom tile job that is not yet finished; the kitchen countertop that is not yet underway; and the beautiful bathroom sink that arrived DAMAGED! (I said that with a low growl so that hopefully those in the customer service department will feel it in their bellies).  Maybe we all should give up on developing a new look and just invest in a pretty hair piece like the lovely lady above. Maybe my collection of Levis (and not even cool, vintage ones. Just Levis purchased at Kohls and whathaveyou) will look amazingly fresh and sweet when paired with a whimsical flower piece perched up on my head.

sitting comfortably

September 18, 2009

John Derian Cove Sofa

Smart. Clean. Martinis.


Inhale Condo Sofa

Soft. Feminine. Champagne and bare feet.

I haven’t had a sofa in nearly four years. And before that I don’t think I ever sat on the one that I did have. It was in a rarely used room covered with camping gear, a guitar, and a three foot high Smurf. All a lifetime ago. Anyway, I don’t think it would be too cool to have expended all this energy on building a house with a bona fide living room that is openly connected to the kitchen and dining room only to resort to my usual habit of reading in wire chairs at the dining room table or retiring to my bedroom at, oh, 7:30PM, for lack of anywhere comfy to sit. 

Couches and sofas are so painfully ugly. My search has taken me high and low (though I have not ventured to Nebraska Furniture Mart because I think that would require lots of pills and drinks and who knows where that would lead?) and I have found NOTHING! Except for the two lovlies you see up above. The first is from John Derian. I think it is smart with clean lines. It looks like you could read the paper and discuss politics on it. The second is from ABC Carpet & Home. It’s curvy and soft and might break up the rectangularness of my house. I think you would wear caftans and be surrounded by Jane Austen novels and fashion magazines on this sofa.

Well, regardless, these both exist in my fantasies. Neither one can be picked up by a friend’s pickup truck down the road. Neither one can be purchased without me saving my pennies a little bit harder. So, when you all come over for drinks and a lively discussion, wear squishy pants and know you’ll be sitting at the dining room table.