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taking me somewhere

May 21, 2010

Where’s the buffalo plaid?


like a garden needs a flower

April 27, 2010

O, my muse, the world wide interweb. Take a looksy at Paul McCartney’s ‘Waterfalls’.  His sweater vest is rad.

don’t go chasing polar bears

April 27, 2010

Are you often surprised by the tunes that just show up in your brain on a Tuesday morning? I’ve learned from wiki that the TLC tune’s name, and perhaps a few lyrics, may have come from a 1980 Paul McCartney song of the same title, Waterfalls. I love the internets.

RIP Alex Chilton

March 18, 2010

Tonight will be filled with some Big Star. So sad.


January 27, 2010

I will be heading straightaway to the Love Garden when I get home this evening to buy this album. Only wish I had a bitchin’ sound system to play it on. Aw, well.

i will gladly

June 12, 2009

horn handles-ochre

. . . put away my dishes and keep my drawers tidy if I can pull them open and close them shut with these lovely, lovely pale horn handles from Ochre.  

The siding on my house is nearly finished. At least the Hardie Panels. The panels cover the entire east elevation of the house and the two big chunky sections (chunky? I don’t know. See here for  a picture). The slim horizontal west elevation will have some kind of natural wood siding. Perhaps a cedar? I’m not sure yet, but the choices are being narrowed.  The panels look really amazing and I promise some pictures soon. 

I went over to the house yesterday to check out the siding and to see what’s been going on inside. The electrician has been doing his thing and let me tell you now, this man is NOT TIDY! The house looks like a squirrel or a woodchuck has been living there since the 60s. Holes and wood shavings strewn about like confetti. O, well. The man’s gotta get me some light somehow!

Tomorrow evening I’m going to hear a symphony in the tallgrass prairie in the Flint Hills. This most definitely deserves an ‘AMEN’!  I’m going with two very special people and it makes concentrating nearly impossible. I wish, though, that I could be at two places at once. Because while I’m under the stars listening to symphonic tunes, another group of my friends will be under the stars eating the divine creations of Kendra and Aaron at the third Hungry Cellar. I’m really sad not to be eating their inspired cooking, but I’m even more sad that I won’t be back in the kitchen with Kendra feeling like a rock star.  Next time. . . and maybe next time it will be on Walnut Street.

let me count the ways

March 30, 2009

Saturday. An icestorm.

Sunday. Sunshine.

Monday. Warm. Thunderstorm. Fierce thunder.

Could I love Kansas anymore right now?

Jim Seaver

After 10 years of listening, regularly, to Opera is My Hobby I had the immense honor of spending an evening with Dr. Jim Seaver and his lovely wife, Virginia. My friend Aaron made this happen. So he and his lovely wife Kendra and I spent a spectacular and surreal evening listening to opera records on old timey record machines. To hear someone’s velvety voice IN PERSON after so many years of hearing it broadcast on the airwaves. . . well, this lady gushed. And gushed. And gushed.

I have to hold tight to that evening. It beats this evening spent at the local Sears looking for slide-in gas ranges. Which they only had two of on the floor. The rest, I was assured, could be found online. All right, then. But I want to turn the knobs. Lift the grates. Is this what Internet porn is like? Gross.

friday Youtube favorites

December 5, 2008

so, what are you wearing?

November 14, 2008


First, TGIF, friends. It’s been a long week of confusing weather (rain, sun, warm, cold); full moons; and multiple dinners of grilled cheese sandwiches because I haven’t felt like going to the grocery store (and at least I have that! Poor Miss Carlos is starving). Tonight I’m looking forward to a disco nap and then an evening out with Tina and her husband. I think, if the disco nap works, that we’re going to see some rock-n-roll. Tina and I have decided to gussy up a bit. Dresses and heels were thrown about in our conversation. By the by, that leads me to ask: why when I ask Tina what she is wearing we discuss heels, accessories, coat selection, and the like, yet, when I ask another friend, it is received as an invitation to phone sex?  But the larger issue here is coat checks. Lawrence is a civilized town (don’t laugh) so why can’t we have coat checks at the local establishments? Tonight it’s supposed to drop down to the 30s. If I’m going to be wearing anything other than jeans and a gigantic sweater I’m going to need a coat. Preferably it will be my new sheepskin coat that is in perfect condition and fits like it was hand-tailored for me.  I got it at an estate sale for 20 bucks! It’s gorgeous and demands to be worn with purple knee-high boots (which I don’t have and don’t anticipate purchasing). But it weighs a ton and does not easily toss over the arm in a whimsical and jaunty fashion. It needs to be handed over a counter to a nice lady who, in exchange, hands me a token. Old school? Perhaps.

I start my car with a button. Sometimes I need a little old school.

something triggered

October 24, 2008

My friend Ringo called out of the blue several days ago. We probably hadn’t spoken for at least 3 or 4 yrs. Was the last time in NYC or Lincoln? I couldn’t remember and it didn’t matter. We had been real close for  a decent amount of time in our college years. He was an activist and so I went to protests to check him out. To check out his views, at least.  So the years have slid by, as they are wont to do. He called to say that he  would be coming to Lawrence to play a show. I met he and his band for dinner. I can’t imagine more wonderful people. They were spectacularly kind and their music was mind-blowing. But what I’ve taken from that evening is that real connections transcend time and space and all the bullshit in between. Ringo and I were not filled with shame or embarrassment for our lax commitment to our friendship. Instead it was tight squeezes, rapid-fire conversation, and economical glances that filled in the gaps. Doesn’t this all sound lovely? Or should I just be honest: Ringo looks amazing (he credits the use of a cream destined for a cow’s udder) and plays the banjo and sings. What the fuck? Since when?