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an 800 lb. view

April 16, 2009


french breakfast

God bless the radish! When your entryway is blocked by wellies, cowboy boots, sandals and flats and you want to tell Mother Nature to go f#*k  herself because you don’t always have time to check Weather Underground every three minutes, a radish sprout miraculously appears and assures you that, yes, spring IS near.


And when you wonder if you will ever get a restful night’s sleep because layoffs loom around every corner like a beery, sweaty jerk, you swing by your house after your commute and you see this. And you sigh and call your builder and gush uncontrollably like it’s your first crush.

wall of windows

And if that is not enough, well, then shame on you! But, BUT, if it’s not, then you look up into these windows and marvel that, total, there is 800 pounds of spectacular view and dappled light. It took 5 fellows, some mathematics and good old fashioned know-how to install those. I, Jennifer, promise to never, ever complain while doing dishes, again.