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a Summer Declaration

May 18, 2009

I am officially declaring that it is OK to sit back, take stock, and declare yourself a badass. Or a good cook. A great dancer. 



I drove a 1940s something or other Allis Chalmers orange tractor in a field with mud, tall grasses, and a bouncing black dog. And I was wearing white jeans.

I declare the Week of May 17th the Week of  Badassery. And I am its Queen.  But this Queen likes to share. So, tell me, why are you a badass?

If  you need some BadAss Inspiration go to Leslie’s blog. I think the hen has one-upped me. And I’m all right with that. 


a tale of two tomatoes

May 13, 2009

Forgive me for I have no photos. That’s not entirely true, but I would rather be relaxing right now after a very long last week and a week of recovery this week. Work can really take it out of a girl. But, let it be clear, this girl is happy for the work she does have!

On Sunday I planted three tomato plants at my I-Live-Here-Right-Now House. I imagine I will still be here when the first fruits get all plumpy and happy and ready for just-from-the-vine devouring.

This evening I planted two tomato plants at my Dear-God-Will-I-Ever-Live-in-this-Beautiful-Nightmare-that-is-my-Future-Home? House. Optimism is the only way to go forward. I heard that at work. I will bring that sentiment home(s). So, I plan to eat tomatoes in two locales this year. I will segue like a FADE TO BLACK from Old West Lawrence to NoLaw. And don’t worry, I already have my outfit planned.