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not far off?

August 27, 2009

Eleanor AbernathyLast evening after work I stopped off at the market and bought the following: dry cat food, wet cat food, and a bag of kitty litter. Shortly there after I stopped off at the LQ and bought a bottle of Bonterra organic chardonnay.  I was spotted with said items by my friend Tina’s husband. I felt very much like Eleanor Abernathy. When does one cross the line and actually become a cat lady?


just thinking. or not.

August 25, 2009


Picture 5

If you were sitting here what would you be thinking about? Certainly not mortgages, health insurance or whether or not you should splurge on these pulls? (O! Please readers, should I?)

Maybe you would think about foreign lands while sipping mystical cocktails? Or think about nothing at all.

Truly. Nothing at all.

i’m getting a hankering for fall

August 19, 2009



And when it arrives I hope to be ready for it with a firepit like this.  I can imagine sitting back, sipping wine, feeling cozy in a thick sweater and saying ‘So long!’ to the mosquitoes. 

Why does having a full-time job ALWAYS get in the way of the reveries that I have?


August 11, 2009


Some people aren’t very thoughtful. 

Then, again, I am grateful that my local hoodlums chose an inoffensive color to ‘tag’ my house. I had a nightmare last night that I walked up to my house to see a swath of  blue. 

Is gold a new gang color? Shall I be expecting a fierce group of interior decorators brandishing color wheels and fabric swatches?

“Warriors, come out and play”.